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2017 Founder’s Trophy Awarded

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2017 Founder’s Trophy Awarded

2017 Winner of the Founder’s Trophy

At the Annual ORCA Membership meeting, Feb 4, hosted by Mike Leneman, ORCA awarded its annual Founder’s Trophy. The trophy is an annual award given as recognition to the ORCA member who drove their boat throughout the year to the greatest number of ORCA sanctioned races and achieved top honors within those races.

This year we had an absolute standout member. The honors were well deserved. Competing in 21 races for 2017, and he even had time to attend the two ORCA rallies, Spring Splash and Summer Splash. No one else came close last year.

ORCA congratulates Terry Argast and the crew of Trident, a F-28 CC Corsair trimaran. Listed below is the 2017 race schedule for Trident. An inspiration for the ORCA fleet.

After six-year hiatus, a little dusting and polishing, the Founder’s Trophy has been reactivated. It’s time to do the same with our boats. Now we have a crew and boat to pursue for 2018.



2017 Trident Race Schedule

(21 races and 2 Cruising Events)

1/28/17 DPYC Spring Series #2
3/4/17 DPYC Spring Series #3
3/25/17 DPYC Spring Series #4
4/1/17 Border Run
4/15/17 Ensenada Tune-Up
5/20/17 Catalina Series #1
5/21/17 Catalina Series #2
5/27/17 Around Catalina
6/3-4/17 Spring Splash – ORCA Cruise
6/10/17 DPYC Spring Series #5
6/17/17 Catalina Series #3
6/18/17 Catalina Series #4
7/8/17 Seal Beach to Dana Point
8/19/17 Tri-Point Race
9/2/17 Long Beach to Dana Point
9/8/17 Catalina Series #7
9/9/17 Catalina Series #8
9/10/17 Catalina Series #9
9/15/17 Summer Splash – ORCA Rally
10/7/17 Catalina Series #10
10/8/17 Catalina Series #11
10/30/17 14-Mile Bank Race

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