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The governing body to oversee the goals of ORCA is a board of directors, elected annually by the membership and presided over by a president. All of these positions are filled by volunteers from the membership. Elections are to be held annually in the fourth quarter with the elected taking office in January. The bylaws requires that our organization have a Secretary and a Chief Financial Officer.  Officers may also be directors.

The board sets all policies, modifies bylaws, approves membership applicants and their associated multihull boats, and creates the rating structure of the fleet. Additionally, committees can be and are set to aid in ORCA’s mission, e.g. the ratings committee.  Committees can be comprised of volunteers from both directors and the membership. As there is an annual membership meeting for elections, ORCA is an open governance body and welcomes active participation and input beyond the annual meeting for elections. The board is required to meet four times a year, once per quarter. Meeting minutes can be found on the Meetings Page.


2018 ORCA Board of Directors

President: Terry Argast

Secretary: Eric Dysart

Treasurer: Michelle Kreke

Board Member: Bill Gibbs

Board Member: Alan Johnson

Board Member: Matt Kreke

Board Member: Mike Leneman